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new gypsum ceiling designs catalog

variety of gypsum ceiling designs for living rooms, bedroom, and kids room 

the gypsum ceiling is one of the most popular ceiling types, this ceiling type has  along life, the gypsum ceiling designs give your interior design lot of ideas, creative and decorative , by gypsum you can make a whole ceiling or make some decoration in your main ceiling , gypsum ceiling design enable you to use any other material to decorate your ceiling , such as wood, tin, glass and plastic

in this topic you are going to see some of modern gypsum ceiling designs for living room, bedroom and kids room, hope you like this :)

luxury gypsum ceiling designs for living room with hidden lighting
this luxury interior ceiling design is made from gypsum , the ceiling tray has two materials, frame from gypsum , it's body from glass there are two decorative columns from gypsum , the gypsum frame hides lighting sources to make this amazing lighting glow. this large gypsum ceiling design is suitable for the floor with opened rooms. 

simple gypsum ceiling designs for living room with wood decorations
simple fall ceiling design , it's a gypsum frame under the main ceiling , there is hide lighting between the fall gypsum ceiling and the main ceiling, the gypsum ceiling has wood decorations, some of wood panels that spread on the frame, each one of wood panels has lighting spot that to spread the light into the living room.

green-purple modern gypsum ceiling designs for bedrooms with three beds

beautiful gypsum ceiling design for kids room takes the shape of rose with fall accessories