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modern false ceiling designs with creative lighting ideas

False ceiling designs, ceiling lights, gypsum ceiling, living room ceiling

today's ceiling design is a multi-level false ceiling designs for living room, it's made of gypsum, the false ceiling consists of 4 layers, the main ceiling of concrete, the fall layer that cover or hide the main ceiling, and two layers under it, this ceiling use the hidden lighting "backlight" only, between each  two fall layers and that max a lighting glow,  the most beautiful thing in this living room ceiling is the decorative lighting of the first fall layer under the main ceiling, the lighting source is installed in the concrete, false ceiling designs can fit into any room decor style : modern or classic, simple or luxury . I love this design, what about you ?

false ceiling designs of gypsum for living room. ceiling lighting, lights

gypsum false ceiling design with wooden decorations

False ceiling designs, gypsum ceiling, ceiling lighting, ceiling decorations

we are back to make new posts in the blog, today we choose for you a unique ceiling design to present to you, it's a false ceiling designs of gypsum, really, it's completely made of gypsum , the wooden decorations just take the color of wood not the material, it's easy more than installing wood on the gypsum ceiling, moreover it's low-cost idea, this streamlined false ceiling design ,tray ceiling also, is suitable for living room and halls only not for living room or bathroom, the lighting system consists of number of lighting spots that were installed in the ceiling, it's a simple false ceiling designs with low cost, it's also practical and a lifetime ceiling, you must consider the style of your living room when choosing this ceiling design, the color of walls, furniture and accessories in order to make a unique living room decor

gypsum false ceiling design with wooden decoration, ceiling lighting