A detailed look on suspended ceiling designs, types and solutions that help you in choosing yours

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gypsum suspended ceiling systems for large modern living room

False ceiling design with drywall LED lights

A beautiful false ceiling design was totally made of gypsum board for bedrooms in modern style, this streamlined design of the false ceiling makes the room very special and charming.
this false ceiling design is completed by the drywall in the same color and the curved design but there is a difference between the lighting types of the false ceiling and the drywall, the first has normal ceiling lights (spot lighting) but the drywall has LED lights that improves the bedroom interior.
false ceiling design
creative false ceiling design for bedrooms with Drywall LED lights

gypsum false ceiling design for living rooms

a beautiful false ceiling design that designed by the designer John Wilshere , this ceiling was designed for the living rooms with high ceiling, because it has 4 large layers the takes a large space from the room height, tie false ceiling design was made of gypsum tiles, It enabled you to make many designs for lighting system using these different layers in shape and size, An advantage of this false ceiling design is its low cost, what makes this false ceiling awesome is its design ideas not its materials and accessories.

false ceiling design for living room made of gypsum - multi-level false ceiling

false ceiling designs in Japanese style

it's hard to deny the growing popularity in each passing year of Japanese culture. And it manifests itself not only in movies, music and cooking - now in any interior design specially in many false ceiling designs can be found quite Japanese interior comprising characteristic and furniture, and walls and the ceiling in a Japanese style, So if you are among fans of culture of the rising sun - this article is for you!
false ceiling designs in japanese style

Gypsum false ceiling designs for living room with LED ceiling lights

To create lighting system, in recent years LED ceiling lights were increasingly used . Possibility of multiple color, original solutions that do not use large amounts of electricity compared to fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps.
Ceiling LED lights received special recognition, hardly appeared on the shelves. LEDs, although cost is not very cheap, far outweighed its value inherent qualities: bright, even light output; low consumption of electricity; long service life.
now we offer three false ceiling designs that designed with LED ceiling lights system, we choose them to inspire you toy design your suitable ceiling.

false ceiling designs for living room with LED ceiling lights
gypsum false ceiling designs for living room with purple LED ceiling lights

kitchen ceiling ideas, designs, materials and installation.

Kitchen ceiling designs strongly affects the comfort and appearance of the kitchen in terms of heat retention, its ventilation, the age of the kitchen design, harmony with the overall style of the house. Modern planners and designers developed numerous latest options and ideas in the kitchen ceiling designs. This greatly facilitates our successful choice regarding the type of ceiling construction, its geometric shape, texture, color, material. 

Kitchen ceiling ideas:

Kitchen ceiling ideas: stretch types of kitchen ceiling, their glossy shine, solid bright finish and lack of border at the boundary walls and ceiling visually make the kitchen higher. 
Ceiling cove LED strips or LED  lights "raise" the ceiling, and if desired, you can change its color to suit your mood. 
kitchen ceiling designs with lighting ideas
Wall lights or built into the kitchen ceiling for low hanging kitchens better familiar. But if ordinary light chandeliers send up, it also visually raise the ceiling. Flat Light - Japanese plates and chandeliers will gain altitude cuisine.

metal false ceiling designs for modern kitchen and bathroom

 The different between all false ceiling design types and the metal false ceiling is that the metal ceilings has long life more than any type or material, it gives you more options of lighting, reducing humidity and increasing insulation
today's article provides you with two designs for metal false ceiling that suits the modern bathroom the modern kitchen, if you are interested in metal ceilings you can learn how to choose and install the metal false ceilings from here "chooseinstall".

metal false ceiling designs for modern bathroom and kitchen

3 Designs for false ceilings with built-in lighting system.

the ceiling design in any room isn't only an interior decor element, it's a main source of the room lighting system, the classic way of designing the ceiling lighting system in any room is using a luxurious chandeliers and stylish lamps in the center of the ceiling, but when you decide to install false ceiling designs, you have another option yo make a lighting system, you can make built-in lighting system, without entering in complicated definitions, you can use two types of built-in ceiling lights when you install a false ceiling design,  the first is hidden ceiling lights, this type make a glow and can't be the main lighting element, but the other type alone can illuminate the room, it's the direct lighting covered with plastic layer, it directly illuminate the room, you can install the two types in one ceiling, Now we offer 3 false ceiling designs for different rooms explain the lighting systems we previously mentioned.
bedroom false ceiling designs with built-in lighting system

prepare for suspended ceiling installation of multilevel plasterboard

Drywall is one of the most popular building materials. It can be used for many  decorations, it is convenient to install, and besides, it does not limit the imagination of designers. suspended ceiling of plasterboard is usually used for extra soundproofing. Multilevel suspended ceilings have a more complex structure, due to which they can be equipped with lighting.

plasterboard suspended ceiling systems installation with led lighting

Handmade Installation of multilevel suspended ceiling systems can be performed by even one who has never encountered such works. Plasterboard need to strengthen the by aluminum profile with the guides. This allows you to create a skeleton space which enables it to hide all the utilities and wiring.

Suspended ceiling systems, how to choose designs and installers

When installing suspended ceiling systems, there are a lot of questions - which ceiling design will you choose? what do you look for?, what are the different between designs. Some of these questions we will try to answer.
plaster suspended ceiling systems installers
First, you need to determine the suspended ceiling installers and manufacturers. Tiled ceilings of different companies vary in quality, price and purpose. Each firm has its peculiarities. purchasing the ceiling with lowest price is not advised.

ceiling repair options for all ceiling types

Handmade ceiling repair is a responsibility and challenge. After all, everyone is faced with a situation where the old finish is not fit - all fray and fall off. Do not postpone it indefinitely, you must start to repair it immediately. In this case, you can hire a "qualified" team of builders, for their service which takes a lot of money, and quality assurance are the subject for another discussion. and you can do the ceiling repair yourself.

plaster ceiling repair

Ceiling repair: Plastering the ceiling.

suspended ceiling systems of plasterboard : designs, ideas and installation tips

Plasterboard suspended ceiling systems are often used in the design of residential and office space. Universality of the system design, as well as the short time that the installation of plasterboard suspended ceilings take makes it undisputed leader in sales of finishing materials.

suspended ceiling systems of plasterboard for bedrooms

Installation of plasterboard suspended ceiling systems

False ceiling designs, ceiling lights, gypsum ceiling, living room ceiling

today's ceiling design is a multi-level false ceiling designs for living room, it's made of gypsum, the false ceiling consists of 4 layers, the main ceiling of concrete, the fall layer that cover or hide the main ceiling, and two layers under it, this ceiling use the hidden lighting "backlight" only, between each  two fall layers and that max a lighting glow,  the most beautiful thing in this living room ceiling is the decorative lighting of the first fall layer under the main ceiling, the lighting source is installed in the concrete, false ceiling designs can fit into any room decor style : modern or classic, simple or luxury . I love this design, what about you ?

false ceiling designs of gypsum for living room. ceiling lighting, lights

False ceiling designs, gypsum ceiling, ceiling lighting, ceiling decorations

we are back to make new posts in the blog, today we choose for you a unique ceiling design to present to you, it's a false ceiling designs of gypsum, really, it's completely made of gypsum , the wooden decorations just take the color of wood not the material, it's easy more than installing wood on the gypsum ceiling, moreover it's low-cost idea, this streamlined false ceiling design ,tray ceiling also, is suitable for living room and halls only not for living room or bathroom, the lighting system consists of number of lighting spots that were installed in the ceiling, it's a simple false ceiling designs with low cost, it's also practical and a lifetime ceiling, you must consider the style of your living room when choosing this ceiling design, the color of walls, furniture and accessories in order to make a unique living room decor

gypsum false ceiling design with wooden decoration, ceiling lighting
bathroom ceiling ideas, designs, classifications
today we are starting a new series in this blog, we are going to share consecutive articles taking about the bathroom ceiling ideas, bathroom ceiling designs and bathroom ceiling types, we hope that you follow our articles day by day, and give us a feedback explains your opinion in what we share
bathroom ceiling ideas, designs, types. bathroom tiles