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Ceiling repair : options to repair all ceiling types (videos)

ceiling repair options for all ceiling types

Handmade ceiling repair is a responsibility and challenge. After all, everyone is faced with a situation where the old finish is not fit - all fray and fall off. Do not postpone it indefinitely, you must start to repair it immediately. In this case, you can hire a "qualified" team of builders, for their service which takes a lot of money, and quality assurance are the subject for another discussion. and you can do the ceiling repair yourself.

plaster ceiling repair

Ceiling repair: Plastering the ceiling.

This is the perfect option when you want to repair some areas in the ceiling. The entire process is divided into the following stages:
Remove all the furniture from the premises as much as possible, as it will be a lot of dust;
With a stiff brush to clean places that are no longer or peeled plaster;
Wire brush or spatula remove the plaster, which is poorly kept;
Treat the surface of the primer deep penetration. It is necessary to apply two or three layers at intervals of several hours. Two or three will be enough;
When everything has dried up, prepare the necessary amount of putty, put it on the ceiling and carefully align. Putty for large areas can use beacons that help make a perfectly flat surface; repair ceiling, plastering ceiling 
After the drying process the surface of the fine sand paper or cloth;
Paint the repaired area ceiling paint, which in color and tone is different paint the main part of the ceiling, which had not been repaired. If not choose colors and strong visible differences, the entire ceiling repainted anew in one color;
As can be seen, ceiling repair in the apartment is not so complicated and tricky. Of the tools needed a stepladder, spatula, wire brush, scrubbing brush, lighthouses (depending on circumstances), primer, putty, paint. 

ceiling repair, plastering ceiling

Suspended ceiling repair : 

suspended ceiling repair, suspended ceiling systems
Repair suspended ceilings relative concept, since, in principle, there is nothing to repair. And if the canvas ceiling disaster happens, it is required to replace the entire ceiling. Consider common problems and their solutions:

Cut fabric.

Pretty hard to imagine how this could happen, but in cases of non-identity. ceiling repair is possible only if the cut length is not more than 20 cm would take Bristles clippers, superglue, antenna cable and flat object 3 centimeters wide with no sharp edges. 9-11 centimeters of the cable are bonded to one edge of the cut so that the length of cable has been located parallel to the edge, and the other half was glued to the ceiling. At a distance of half a meter in the area around the hole warms hairdryer which you need to keep an inclination from the web. After a 20-second warm-up is necessary to pull the cable to the slot and immediately charged. If you do everything correctly, then it is folded. They gradually removed if the second part of the cable sticking parallel crease. With larger cuts required to cause masters who completely replace the canvas or qualitatively perform repair of large cuts;

Water entering the stretch ceiling.

This is possible if you fill the neighbors upstairs. A huge advantage of suspended ceilings that if fabric is strong enough, it will withstand all the pressure and save space. In this case, simply drain the water. After heating the fabric recovers its former appearance. Exceptions are fabric ceilings

Wheels baguettes from the wall.

This occurs when poor installation. This is typical for seamless ceiling when the wizard does not pose additional fasteners from basic ceiling. Repair of suspended ceilings is simple - you need to detach from the fabric roof profile and install a spacer in place of the defect.