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how to choose suspended ceiling systems for your home

Suspended ceiling systems, how to choose designs and installers

When installing suspended ceiling systems, there are a lot of questions - which ceiling design will you choose? what do you look for?, what are the different between designs. Some of these questions we will try to answer.
plaster suspended ceiling systems installers
First, you need to determine the suspended ceiling installers and manufacturers. Tiled ceilings of different companies vary in quality, price and purpose. Each firm has its peculiarities. purchasing the ceiling with lowest price is not advised.
The suspended ceiling systems consists of the grid system (frame), and a slab of hard or soft mineral fiber generally a thickness of 1.5 cm and 60 - 60 or 61 cm - 61 cm
Suspension System - a set of metal strips having a cross-sectional view of the letter "T" and interconnected in a lattice modular. The principle of consolidation is quite simple: in the ceiling drill or a hammer drill holes into which insert dowels. special hooks attached to the dowels on which hung a lattice modular. In the result metal frame plate inserted. As easily and naturally they can optionally be removed. Along the perimeter of a room is finished with decorative moldings.
When buying suspended ceiling systems you should pay attention to "join" tile and grid system. Unscrupulous sellers sometimes strive to foist "non-original" suspension system. ceiling panels from a producer, and suspension system from another one. At the head of such a ceiling, perhaps, does not crash, but can easily be deformed. there are difficulties in the ceiling repair and maintenance in this case, too, virtually guaranteed - different systems poorly fit together.
Despite the seeming simplicity of the process of fixing the ceiling, to entrust the operation of professional worth. Take up the case itself is worth only if you need to decorate the ceiling in a small room. In all other cases it is better to use the services of suspended ceiling installers.