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3 False ceiling designs with built-in lighting systems

3 Designs for false ceilings with built-in lighting system.

the ceiling design in any room isn't only an interior decor element, it's a main source of the room lighting system, the classic way of designing the ceiling lighting system in any room is using a luxurious chandeliers and stylish lamps in the center of the ceiling, but when you decide to install false ceiling designs, you have another option yo make a lighting system, you can make built-in lighting system, without entering in complicated definitions, you can use two types of built-in ceiling lights when you install a false ceiling design,  the first is hidden ceiling lights, this type make a glow and can't be the main lighting element, but the other type alone can illuminate the room, it's the direct lighting covered with plastic layer, it directly illuminate the room, you can install the two types in one ceiling, Now we offer 3 false ceiling designs for different rooms explain the lighting systems we previously mentioned.
bedroom false ceiling designs with built-in lighting system