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100 wood ceiling panels ideas

wood ceiling panels ideas 
part 1

in this post you're going to see a variety of wood ceiling panels ideas , ceiling designs that suitable for living room, bedrooms and kitchen in modern house and villa

white coffered wood ceiling panels for living room 
this coffered ceiling is made from wood and plastic , wood panels takes the white color , each one of coffered plastic squares has a lighting spot which makes that beautiful view.

luxury glass-wood ceiling panels with lighting and accessories for kitchen
this luxury view i made from wood panels and glass, the frame made from wood, the tray made from glass that turn the light to lighting glow , this ceiling is suitable for large kitchen in high-ceiling house

decorative gypsum ceiling by wood ceiling panels for living room
easy way to decorate your living room ceiling , with decorative wood ceiling panels ,, make your ceiling simple and beautiful :)

decorative wood ceiling tray with accessories and lights
beautiful circular decorative wood ceiling tray , with hidden lights in its frame , and pop-up accessories at the center, it's suitable for dinning room in large and high-ceiling house.

white rustic wood ceiling panels for living room
for rustic decor lovers , that rustic wood ceiling  are suitable for living room in rustic-decorative house ,, with normal lighting spots .

beautiful coffered wood ceiling panels with hidden lighting for living room

wood ceiling panels decorate a bedroom gypsum ceiling

simple wood ceiling panels for kitchen

wait for the next parts of our wood ceiling panels idea collection