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10 stretch tray ceiling designs

stretch tray ceiling designs collection

a collection of tray ceiling designs that use the PVC materials, they called stretch tray ceilings

now, in this topic you are going to see a collection of tray ceiling designs , the common element in  those ceiling designs is that all of those designs are tray ceilings and stretch ceilings, in our blog you are also can see a collection of gypsum tray ceiling designs, tray ceiling designs with wood decorations, tray ceiling designs for living room, for bedroom, decorative tray ceilings and wooden tray ceiling , just browse our blog articles, but now enjoy with this tray ceiling with stretch tray collection .

stretch tray ceiling design for living room with hidden lighting under the PVC frame 
beautiful tray ceiling from stretch PVC with solid PVC frame that is responsible for the stretch ceiling installation, and the ceiling lighting , it's cool tray ceiling

tray ceiling design for living room with three stretch trays
beautiful modern tray ceiling with three red trays that are made from stretch PVC, this tray ceiling also has a copper chandelier and hidden ceiling lighting in the ceiling edges , i can't wait to try this amazing tray ceiling.

spiral tray ceiling , made from PVC with hidden lighting and spread lighting spots
modern spiral tray ceiling, it was made from PVC materials, this tray ceiling has two ceiling lighting types, hidden lighting under the white parts, and spread lighting spots to spread the lighting into living room.

beautiful tray ceiling wit stretch tray and spread lighting  by ceiling  lamps
cool stretch tray ceiling with fall crystal chandelier for living rooms
modern tray ceiling design
tray ceiling for living room