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modern bedroom ceiling designs - collection #2

the second part of the bedroom ceiling designs collection in our blog Ceiling Designs
you also can see the first part

variety of modern bedroom ceiling designs that made from gypsum , PVC, printable fabric, wood and POP

in our blog we always trying to provide you with the latest designs , bed room ceiling and bedroom interior design is the second important ceiling in the floor, you stay in the bedroom more than 10 hours per day , so we present to you a collection of bedroom ceiling designs and hope you like it :)

colorful bedroom ceiling designs, decorated by printable fabric
amazing view!, wonderful colorful ceiling design for bedroom it's made from PVC that covered by printable  fabric to take that colors, printable fabric is easy way to decorate your ceiling more than panting or murals  its very cheerful design , 

I suggest to see:

modern bedroom ceiling designs  made from gypsum 
cool false ceiling designs for bedroom with three beds, it's beautiful bedroom ceiling design that made from  gypsum , in the center there is a fall  and brilliant accessories 

creative bedroom ceiling designs from PVC and printable fabric 
creative ceiling such as piano , this ceiling is made from 3 materials, PVC, flexible PVC and printable fabric
it's amazing ceiling design

butterfly shaped bedroom ceiling designs form PVC
this bedroom ceiling design is suitable for bedrooms for kids in modern house

false bedroom ceiling designs made from PVC with decorated lighting
 this PVC drop ceiling hide lighting sources under it to make this decorative view by lighting points

stretch ceiling designs for bedroom from PVC , takes the shape of sky in the night with shining stars