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25 original false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems

original designs and solutions for false ceilings with integrated lighting systems for inspiration from AVKUBE company 

false ceiling designs for all rooms with integrated lighting systems

More recently, in an interview with an expert we talked about the plasterboard false ceiling designs. The most popular of them - radial shape and along the perimeter walls. But the design idea is an unpredictable thing, because there are many ideas that you do not even expect.

In this gallery we have compiled a selection of non-standard false ceiling designs and solutions from design company AVKUBE. Their work often attract the attention of magazines of the interior, and from time to time, we include a draft of this company in our digests and virtual tours.

Meet the 25 non-standard solutions for the ceiling with built-in lighting systems . It is not only plasterboard solutions, but also a lot of other materials. In addition to drywall, used wood, frosted glass and stained glass. Some of the photos show the same element in the 2-3 angles, depending on in which part of the room was the photographer.

We shared this gallery into several parts: false ceiling designs for hallway, dining room, living room, combined open space, as well as - for the bedroom and bathroom. At the end of the post there is a selection of design projects ceilings for different rooms, as well as - other galleries of the ceilings and lighting.